kamping goat swadaya

The son of an indentured labourer goes to university but, rather than follow his peers into the city, he returns home and develops a small business that inspires and empowers his village.

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Goat Milk Entrepreneurs of East Java


An outsider rallies fellow fishermen to plant pine trees along the coast preserving fish hatcheries and preventing erosion with the unplanned benefit of developing local tourism.

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The Fisherman and the Tree Farm in East Java

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On the slopes of the Kintamani Volcano, a Balinese entrepreneur inspires villages to plant, harvest and sell bamboo - building their livelihoods and preserving their soil.

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Bamboo Heroes of Bali

Films to inspire people across Indonesia


SWADAYA is a 13-part cultural adventure television series that will give Indonesians, and people around the world, an opportunity to explore and experience the best Indonesia and her inspiring people, and to remember how culture and society shape the Indonesian experience.


In Indonesian, Swadaya means self-empowered. Indonesia is at a cross-roads culturally and politically and as her people look for ways forward, we hope Swadaya will help light the way...



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On a remote coast in West Papua, the people rally around a whale shark whisperer and build fish and lobster aquaculture farms to support their village

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In a steep valley in Central Java a woman, for whom education was never possible, pulls her village together to build a school so their brightest girls and boys have a chance to succeed.

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In West Kalimantan a group of Dayak hunters serve as the guardians of the forest, preserving their way of life and the plants and animals that make up the landscape.

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The Whale Shark Whisperer of Papua

A School for a Village Time Forgot in Central Java

The Forest Keepers of West Kalimantan

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Cocoa farmers who’s crops have been ravaged by disease come together and rehabilitate their farms and build a network of direct links to market at the same time.

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The people of Kai have lived on the edge for centuries. But now a women’s co-op sources appropriate technologies bringing their village to the 20th century and benefiting their lives.

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Surrounded by massive commercial palm oil plantations, a group of farmers come together to train as sustainable small-scale growers benefiting their families are preserving their lands.

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Local Cocoa Farmers to the World in Sulawesi

An Island of Appropriate Technology

Small Scale Palm Oil Champions of Riau


Joe's an award winning producer/director who's been based in Indonesia since 1993. Over the past two decades, he’s taken his company from it’s early days in extreme sports into conservation, social communications, and international broadcast television production and support. On the international front he and his team at Jungle Run work with National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel and many others. At home they produce documentaries, web series, iterative community and training films that have been seen across the country. Looking to increase the quality and quantity of factual programming available in Indonesia, they started BumiHijau Media and have since distributed over 30,000 programs covering environment, social, health, science and wildlife to Indonesia's local television stations to date. Since then the project has evolved into one of the largest advertising buying and placement networks for Local TV in the country. Joe was born in California, has a degree in anthropology, and has worked around the world.



Rio was born in Switzerland in 1954 to an Indonesian father who was the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland and the Vatican, and a Turkish mother. Rio has been capturing images of Asia and writing articles since 1978. His work can be seen in magazines, documentaries and more than 20 large format photographic books.  Solo exhibitions of Rio’s still photography have been held in Bali, Jakarta, Madrid, Miyazaki, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Sydney, and his works are held in private collections around the world including in Boston, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles, Rome,  San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington.




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